The Speakeasy Scribes are an international group of writers who collaborate with and support each other. We edit each other’s work, discuss characters, techniques and plot twists, and offer each other advice and guidance in words and in life.  We help each other to honour our true selves, and wish the same for our characters, our readers and all people.

Celebrating our diversity, we enjoy a range of lifestyles, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, cultures and voices. We aim for freedom of expression, and a world in which everyone feels valued, heard, safe, and loved, and of course, gets to read great books.

The Speakeasy Scribes are lovers of words and of freedom. We give pledge to engage, empower, entertain, excite and delight you. We want to write you the world, and many others: secret worlds filled with strong characters, arresting vistas, thoughtful imaginings and myriad possibilities.  We promote and celebrate diversity, self-determination and emancipation from oppression for all people. With these scribes you can speak easy. Express yourself. We do.