Mariana Gabrielle

Mariana Gabrielle is a pen name for Mari Christie, who is not romantic—at all. Therefore, her starry-eyed alter ego lives vicariously through characters who believe in their own happy-ever-afters. And believe they must, as Mariana loves her heroes and heroines, but truly dotes on her villains, and almost all of her characters’ hearts have been bruised, broken, and scarred long before they reach the pages of her books.

She has written multiple Regency romances, including the Sailing Home Series—Royal Regard, ‘Tis Her Season, and Shipmate—as well as the (ongoing) Masala Rajah Series, La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess and its prequel short, Lord Coventon’s Concubines. She also maintains an ongoing serial Victorian romance, Never Kiss a Toad, with co-author, Jude Knight, on Wattpad. You can learn more about her books at