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2 years ago
If you’re a man who treats women as equals spend your time educating the men who don’t rather than yelling at me for not giving you enough recognition.
2 years ago
This is a lie.

The Trump administration's systematic separation of children and parents at the border is unprecedented. No law required families to be torn apart, it was the administration's choice.

We are still working to stem the damage of the crisis they created.
2 years ago
Today when you start hearing conservatives endorse gassing toddlers, remember that the Trump administration has spent weeks carefully crafting a narrative of these migrants as lesser than human, laying the deliberate groundwork that would justify violence against them.
2 years ago
If I walked 3000 miles to flee institutionalized violence that you caused with an 80% chance that I was raped along the way and you told me to wait outside the door to my perceived safety for ten days in the desert only to then close it, I might throw a fucking rock at you.


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