The Final Draft Tavern

The Final Draft Tavern

The Final Draft Tavern is the fictional home-away-from-home for the Speakeasy Scribes and their literary characters, who will appear here (and in upcoming box sets). The Final Draft has always been a hotbed of rebellion and dissent, its backroom a legendary locale for activists, protestors, and resistance movements. The tavern has been in existence since 1068, and is accessible from every country and continent, in every time period -- past, present, and future. (Maybe you can find a portal in your neighborhood...) The bookstore, the bar, and the building, have been passed down for centuries, through generations of the Marchand family, holders of the keys to the secrets it keeps.
The Final Draft Tavern
The Final Draft Tavern2 days ago
Don’t forget Rejoice and #Resist is available on most ebook platforms including Amazon as well as in print.
Whatever role you take in the struggle toward justice, step through a secret passageway and pull up a barstool, let the closest Marchand pour you a libation, and celebrate the holiday season with the Speakeasy Scribes.

“You will be fascinated from page one until the end!” Amazon Reviewer

The Final Draft Tavern
The Final Draft Tavern3 days ago
Don't forget!!!
The Final Draft Tavern
The Final Draft Tavern4 days ago
According to this Ozy article, conservatives are starting to open their own coffee shops in the US, countering the perceived dominance of liberals in these cultural institutions. The proprietors talk up free speech, but we wonder what will happen to the server who says "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas" this - ahem - holiday season?

Still, the idea that the place you get your java should also cater to your political beliefs is nothing new. Here's how John Macky described the coffeehouses of London in 1714 in his A Journey through England: "I must not forget to tell you that the parties have their different places, where, however, a stranger is always well received; but a Whig will no more go to the Cocoa-tree or Ozinda's, than a Tory will be seen at the Coffee-house, St. James's."

And it wasn't just politics. London's old coffeehouses catered variously to merchants, bankers, theatre people, literary types, hungover revelers, and more. One published the prose of its patrons while another indulged aficionados of taxidermy. With possibly thousands of coffeehouses in the city, no niche seemed too quirky. For a great overview, here's Dr. Mathew Green's "The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse":

You'll find our Final Draft Tavern transformed into a radical coffeehouse in "The Highwayman Takes an Office," one of the stories in our holiday box set, "Rejoice and Resist." Check it out:
The Final Draft Tavern
The Final Draft Tavern6 days ago
Some time travel goodness for you - a Christmas carol from the 1960's, complete with static!

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol or winter holiday song? Share with us in the comments.
The Final Draft Tavern
A Marshmallow World HQ Color - Dean Martin And Frank Sinatra - 12/21/1967 Christmas
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra Christmas Duets Christmas Show 12/21/1967 I haven´t got copyright. No poseo los derechos.No tengo los derechos de autor. No gano ...
The Final Draft Tavern
The Final Draft Tavern1 week ago
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